Transportation to Eilat

Transfers to Eilat are booked only through us!

We have been serving satisfied customers for over a decade. With us you will find experienced drivers and new, high-quality vehicles. In addition to our activities in Israel, we also provide transportation services to Eilat, such as taxis and minibuses, and organized transportation to Eilat at attractive prices and a variety of means of payment in cash, credit and Bit

So if you are planning a trip to the resort town in a group or with a family and you are looking for comfort, safety, a comfortable price and a fun trip, call now via the quick button or contact us via WhatsApp.


Our airport taxis

Special taxi services to Eilat

Taxis to Eilat 24 hours a day To arrange a trip or for a quote and additional information, click on the quick dialer. We have a new premium VIP taxi service in order to provide a pleasant and safe travel experience to Eilat

מוניות גדולות מנתבג

Large taxi services to Eilat

Large taxi services suitable for family trips or trips up to 6 passengers to Eilat We have luxury and safe models nationwide, for a perfect travel experience at a surprising price especially for the coming season.

Minibuses from the airport

Shuttle services to Eilat by minibus

Travelers to Eilat with a luxurious minibus that will make the trip to Eilat safe and pleasant at a very attractive price for those who book back and forth. Book a minibus with a click.

A trip to Eilat

Eilat is the southernmost city in the State of Israel and the only one on the shores of the Red Sea, and is known as the resort city in Israel. Every year, crowds of Israelis and tourists visit Eilat and enjoy the many attractions the city has to offer such as Dolphin Reef, Underwater Observatory Park, Eilat Coral Reserve, Red Canyon, Timna Park, Eilat Mountains, Princess Beach, desert camel rides, or just have fun walking on the promenade with variety Shops, restaurants and bars and lots more…

Recommended hotels in Eilat: 

A perfect travel experience to Eilat

In our Ben Gurion Lod taxis, we place special emphasis on transportation to Eilat. In terms of safety and also to ensure a pleasant and especially comfortable ride because of the long road to Eilat. With us, you will receive a new vehicle or minibus with the most advanced safety systems, including design and equipment that give every passenger a perfect and spacious driving experience.

We adapt ourselves to our customers and also take care to make if we are asked to take a break on the way in order to refresh in places that are designated for it .

מיניבוסים מנתבג

Transportation to Eilat from all over the country

Price to book a ride from all regions of the country with a click!

Special taxi

  • Up to 4 passengers
  • A variety of payment options
  • A selection of premium taxis

Big taxi

  • Up to 6 passengers
  • Unlimited baggage
  • A variety of payment options


  • Up to 16 passengers
  • Unlimited baggage
  • A variety of payment options

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