Taxis from the airport

Taxis from the airport include premium Mercedes vehicles. And they will take you on long trips in a perfect travel experience. Mercedes taxis offer the highest level of comfort and quality of travel, with the highest level of finish and lighting in the cabin creating a sense of luxury. 

Taxis from the airport

Ben Gurion Taxis offers transportation services nationwide, all in an effort to give our customers the fastest response at the lowest price.

We will send a premium taxi of your choice, a clean car with a courteous driver. On the way from the airport you will realize that you made the right choice. Because the customer experience is our top priority.

So what are you waiting for? Choose below the taxi model you want to order (by preorder only )

Taxis from the airport

Mercedes taxi models to choose from!

Our airport taxis


Premium Mercedes B200 taxi: Small on the outside and large on the inside, with a very spacious cabin. The interior design gives a luxurious and creates the feeling of home, this car is great for airport pick ups
Recommended taxi for family trips!

Our airport taxis


A premium Mercedes C CLASS taxi offers classic design, comfort and impressive performance. Advanced technology innovation, equipped with advanced safety systems and sporty design.
Excellent for long business trips.!

Our airport taxis


A premium E CLASS taxi is an accessor and comfort taxi such as we didn't know across the taxi world. A combination of intelligent vehicles and uncompromising comfort that make the driving experience optimal.
Especially suitable for business trips!

Big taxis from the airport


מונית גדולות משדה התעופה מדגם V CLASS היא המתאימה ביותר לנסיעות משפחתיות או טיולים עד 6 נוסעים. העיצוב החדיש והעוצמתי שלה יוצר יוקרתיות, האבזור מפנים מזכיר את תחושת הביתיות. והכל בשילוב מערכות בטיחות ברמה שעולם ההסעות לא הכיר.

Taxis from the airport

You deserve quality!

Once you have known all the fancy Mercedes taxi models that we have from the airport. All that remains is to reserve a pick-up from Ben Gurion Airport or from home. Because you deserve the best!

Isn't the next trip planned yet? Keep the site in your favorites until the next time you need a taxi from the airport!

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